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Welcome to Portsmouth, or Pompey, home of the HMS Victory, the city that housed the first football league game illuminated by floodlights, and the city from where the HMS Bounty that became the subject of the infamous Mutiny on the Bounty set sail. 

Portsmouth Harbour also saw the departure of the HMS Beagle, carrying a young botanist named Charles Darwin. His studies from the Beagle’s voyage provided the material from which he developed his theory of evolution, perhaps the most ground-breaking scientific study of all time.

Today, Portsmouth has an urban population of 855,000, and as well as the UK’s leading port, the city boasts the European Headquarters of IBM. 

Among the courses on offer at Portsmouth University is quantum science, leading to the creation of a Quantum Science and Technology Hub.  And Google’s Digital Garage set up a digital skills training hub in Portsmouth at the end last year. 

Known as the home for Royal Navy, Portsmouth’s nautical background gives it a unique opportunity to become a leading digital tech hub focused on maritime technologies. A Maritime Studies course runs from Portsmouth University. 




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