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Welcome to the Dear Green Place, also known as Glasgow. It is surely the most romantic city in the world, after all, the remains of St Valentine himself are housed here. Glasgow, one of the first cities in Europe to number a million people, and which boasts the third oldest underground railway system in the world, was the home of the world's first-ever international football match in which Scotland played a team called England in 1872. The match ended in a goalless drew.

What a pity Scotland didn't have it finest goal scorer Kenny Dalglish or manager Sir Alex Ferguson back then. 

Glasgow is also, or so it is said, the city where the tikka masala was invented.

The city came to preeminence during the Vitoria era, and early years of the last century, with its population peaking at 1,127,825 in 1938. Today  Glasgow has a population of 633,120, but 1.8 million people dwell in the metropolitan area. Glasgow made its name with its shipbuilding and marine engineering, but its expertise has gained altitude since then and today it’s particularly known for space tech, and satellite manufacturing.

Lord Kelvin, after whom the Kelvin temperature system was named — zero Kelvin is the coldest temperate you can have — was a son of the University. A man who could arguably be called the father of economics, Adam Smith, went to University here, and Albert Einstein gave a lecture in this city on relativity.

Glasgow is also the city from where AC/DC, and famous rock musicians Mark Knopfler and Midge Ure hail.

Space Tech is also proving an interesting area for startups in the city. According to Tech Nation, the city's tech businesses achieved a combined turnover of £1.05bn in 2017; the average tech employee generates £104,000 in revenue. 

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