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Welcome to Bangor, the oldest city in Wales and with a population of just 16,358 — in 2011, but a similar number of university students. 

The city can trace its roots back to the 6th century, when Bangor Cathedral was first built. An enclosure surrounded the cathedral, and it was from this that the city earned its name because Bangor means wattled enclosure. 

Bangor has 50 pubs and three nightclubs, its University is famous for its psychology department, and it was from this city that the Beatles found out about the death of their manager Brian Epstein. The singer Duffy comes from Bangor.

Bangor and its University is a hive of entrepreneurial endeavour. According to a survey produced by Hitachi, Bangor, recently saw a higher percentage of its graduates set up their own business than any other Welsh University. 

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