Entrepreneurial Britain


    Entrepreneurial Britain is a bold new national initiative and campaign that will recognise the towns and cities who are taking action to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Great Britain.

  • Britain needs entrepreneurial cities & towns:

    Research has shown that the British economy would benefit to the tune of £34bn a year by 2030 if the local economies of towns and cities were to realise their full entrepreneurial potential over the next decade.

    There’s no one secret to developing a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem. But knowing the traits that make a city entrepreneurial—and having a process for how to get there—can open the door to economic growth and mobility and take a city from surviving to thriving.

  • The full schedule:

    Entrepreneurial Britain will, through various touch points and initiatives, champion, support, encourage and recognise the entrepreneurial eco-systems within Great Britain.

    Digital Summit Event

    Entrepreneurial Britain LIVE will run over 3 days in March 2021 and will attract 10,000 attendees.

    Research & Reports

    Entrepreneurial Britain will produce fortnightly reports with partners focussing on key locations, industries and sector challenges..

    Large scale PR campaign

    There has never been a more important time to support entrepreneurship. This campaign will work with a number of media partners to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurial eco-systems and activity year round.

    Regular Roundtables

    Outside of our large scale summit, Entrepreneurial Britain will regularly bring together groups of individuals and stakeholders (online and offline) to discuss and debate key topics and action points that will contribute to a more entrepreneurial Britain.


    An awards programme that recognises excellence will celebrate initiatives, projects and eco-systems that are excelling in supporting and promoting entrepreneurial activity.

  • Entrepreneurial Eco-system Reports: Coming Soon!

    Entrepreneurial Britain's campaign will shine a spotlight on the current state of play in Britain’s towns and cities to benchmark their entrepreneurial ecosystems against peers.


    Each report will examine the regions accelerator programmes, hi-light investment into the area, evaluate start-ups, churn rate and business closures, benchmark patent applications, examine broadband capabilities and happiness indexes as well as other key indicators that contribute to successful entrepreneurial eco-systems.

  • What makes an entrepreneurial town or city truly exceptional?

    Entrepreneurial Britain will support, celebrate and champion the towns and cities and stakeholders within them and will focus on:


    There is a strong link between educational institutions and certain types of high return entrepreneurship.


    For example, the history
    of Silicon Valley would be totally different without Stanford.


    Successful ecosystems develop processes that cultivate the flow of concepts, talent and resources.


    The overall result is that moments of brilliance and invention are more consistent, through networking and knowledge sharing.

    Quality of Life

    The importance of quality of life is growing in part because of the emphasis placed on life outside of work by the millennial generation, and perhaps further spurred on by COVID.


    Average house prices, crime rates per 1,000 of a city’s population, local visitor sites and attractions to note all play a part in determining the quality of life in a city, town or village.

    Business Support

    Our programme will shine a spotlight on the successes of Local enterprise partnerships, Enterprise Zones, science parks, universities business services, accelerators and incubators as well as Smart City status.


    Commercial rents, office stock availability and quality, co-work spaces, and high-speed broadband average speeds are all enablers of making a location supporting of entrepreneurship.

    Access to Finance

    Regionally focused grants, local angel investment networks, regional government funding will be a key stream within the content of Entrepreneurial Britain.

  • The Entrepreneurial Britain Summit: LIVE!
    So much more than 'just' a series of webinars

    Insight, inspiration and learning for entrepreneurs, their supporters as well as city leaders via a new and exciting and engaging digital experience.

    Expect three packed days of online sessions that attendees can dial into from the comfort of their homes and offices.


    Featuring content, learning and opinions from thought leaders globally from the world of business and beyond, to provide attendees with unmatched learning and networking opportunities in streams tailored to their exact needs.


    First event in March 2021.

    Featuring thought leadership sessions and case studies from around the world, this digital event will have content streams that cater for all stakeholders involved in the entrepreneurial development of a town and/or city.

    For City Leaders:

    Content focussed on exploring what makes a town or city entrepreneurial with specific sessions on:


    Diversity and inclusion best practice and examples of initiatives that inspire positive change.


    How do you market a City to attract new businesses?


    City economies and the strength of their high streets.


    Local government’s role in promoting economic growth: removing unnecessary barriers to success


    Providing local leadership top create change

    Delivered via roundtables, masterclass sessions and keynotes from global experts and leaders.

    For Entrepreneurs:

    Sessions designed for entrepreneurs as they navigate their return to recovery including peer to peer exchange events, world-class keynotes and panel session events covering:

    • Managing a remote workforce
    • e-commerce for SME’s
    • Raising finance post Covid 19
    • Finance for non-finance directors
    • International Trade post Brexit
    • Data protection for SME’s
    • Cyber security for SME’s
    • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

    For Supporters of Entrepreneurship:

    The digital summit will offer supporters of entrepreneurship the opportunity to integrate with, learn from and impart advice on local and national entrepreneurial eco-systems.

    If your organisation is interested in partnering with and supporting the Entrepreneurial Britain campaign, click here.

  • Why Entrepreneurial Britain?

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • Proudly Supported by:

    Entrepreneurial Britain is proud to be partnered with organisations joining us to take action to support and encourage entrepreneurship in Great Britain

    Fresh Business Thinking

    Global Entrepreneurship Week UK

    The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

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